10 Best Chrome Extensions To Make Life Easier

Chrome is a web browser which has the highest number of the users. For improving the user browsing experience Chrome provides the tool that is “Extension”. In the Chrome browser, too many extensions are available for the different purpose on the Chrome App store. Here I’m sharing with you 10 best Chrome extensions to make life easier. Using these extensions you can make your work easy on the Internet and can increase the Chrome browser performance.

10 Best Chrome Extensions To Make Life Easier

Google Chrome extension makes browsing simpler. Using these best chrome extensions you can surf the internet in an easy way. Let’s take a look of all best Chrome extensions.

1. Extensity

Do you have a lot of extensions in your browser? Yes, First of all, I want to introduce you to an extension which can help you manage your all extensions. Using this extension you can disable or enable any extension according to your need. If you have any extension which is not used daily, you can disable this extension by using Extensity Chrome extension. This extension is one of the best extension to my listed best Chrome extensions.

Best Chrome Extensions Extensity disable your extension

After installing the extension, simply click on the icon and you will see the all installed extensions. Now click on that extension which you want to disable and make your browser fast.

2. Infinity Tab

In the Chrome browser, you get a great feature that is Bookmark. Infinity Tab also works as Bookmark but here you get some extra interesting features. After installing this extension if you open your new tab then you will see the many tabs on the screen with the search box. Here you can add any site link that helps you save your time in the typing the website name. Which site you use always not define that how many times you used this site that type of site links you can add in this infinity tab for making easy. Here you get the already created tab with the icon of some popular sites. And you can also disable and enable your Chrome extension using this Infinity Tab extension.

Best Chrome Extension Infinity Tab

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3. Panda 5 | News & Inspiration Dashboard

Panda 5 also like as Infinity Tab but in this extension, you get a different design. You can’t add your custom link in this extension. A great feature of this extension is you get the all latest post of the website. Which website added on your display list. You can try this.

Best Chrome Extensions Panda 5 News and Inspiration Dashboard

4. Mercury Reader

Are you an article reader?  This Mercury Reader can very helpful for you. Whenever you open any website like as news site you get many types of ads and other links in the article page. Using this extension you can read only the article text carefully without disturb. After installing the extension open your article page and click on the Mercury Reader extension icon. You will get a fresh beautiful article page.

Best Google Chrome Extensions Murcury Reader

5. Office Editing

Using this Office Editing extension you can edit or read your any doc, xls, ppt file in the browser. If you have not installed the Office program in your system, you can use this extension. Just drag your file into the browser and you will get the dashboard for editing file. To here you can also save the file in Google Drive.

Cool Chrome Extensions Office Editing

6. Evernote Web Clipper

If you find any useful site, post, information, and any quotation and you want to save this. Evernote Web Clipper is best for you. Using this extension you can save any article, simplified article full web page and you can also take a screenshot of the selected area. After taking a screenshot you can edit that Picture. The great feature of the extension is, If you save this, your all clips are saving in the cloud storage.

Cool Chrome Extensions Evernote Web clipper

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7. Awesome Screenshot

This extension can help you for the taking a screenshot. In this extension, you get many features. You can take a screenshot of the selected area, visible part of a webpage, and the entire part of the webpage. After taking a screenshot you also get an option to edit them. This extension provides the best quality of the Screenshot image.

Best Google Chrome extension For Taking Screenshot

8. Checker Plus for Gmail

Do you want to get notification of the Gmail in your computer system? Yes, This extension will help you. If you installed “Checker Plus for Gmail” extension you will get all the notification on the display. As well as you can see some recent messages when you hover on the extension icon. If you clicked on the icon, you get some extra feature without open your Gmail like as you can delete Gmail messages, mark as read, archive, keep in stars, and more features. And you can also open the message from here. Now you don’t need to open Gmail Apps and website.

Best Extension for Checking Gmail

9. Google Translate

After installing the Google Translate you can translate any text in any language from the webpage. Just select the text which you want to translate and right right click on the text. Now you get the option for Google Translate, click on this and you’ll get translated.

10. Send Anywhere

Are you facing the problem in the sending any big file to any friend and family who is far from you? Yes, Send Anywhere extension can help you. With this extension, you can add file up to 50GB in the Gmail. This extension creates a shareable link for download the file and this link valid for 48 hrs. After that, your uploaded file automatic deleted from the server.

Share Anywhere Google Chrome Extension

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All my listed best Chrome extensions can help you to make your work easy and can also save your time. You can install the all my listed best Chrome extensions. Once time using these extensions you will never stop using.