10 Lesser Known Facts about Android Smartphones

Android Smartphone is our daily basis need in this era of technology and inventions. Android Smartphones are phones with a highly advanced feature that running on the Android operating system. Nowadays it is used in a number of other electronic devices too. It has various important features that are so useful to us such as- Solution for Information Management, Internet access, Email sending/receiving, Mobile calls. In this article, we learn about the lesser-known facts about Android Smartphones.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Android Smartphones

1.  Wifi Direct for Quick File Transfer

Wifi direct used for wirelessly file transfer to nearby another Smartphone. You can think of Bluetooth over wifi. That’s it has the same discover and send functionality of Bluetooth, but the data is sent using wireless networking, which thereby offers greater speed for your file transfer.

2.  Location Services

Smartphone provides a great facility of location services for smartphone users. Some people also use location services to post their locations to social networking sites, such as Facebook. Location services identify where a mobile phone is geographically located and use that information for some specific purpose, such as providing information about the weather in that location. You can also save your past location history.

3.  Tethering and Mobile Hotspot

Tethering and Mobile Hotspot feature let you share your mobile device’s data connection with other devices like as- you may want to connect to the Internet connection your laptop computer and another smartphone using your phone’s connection. Using your phone to connect a laptop or tablet to the internet connection is called tethering.

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4.  Pattern Lock and Pin for High Security

These days, for the safety data and information, just need your high security. Smartphones provide a great facility for safe data and your phone’s information Pattern lock, Pin, and Password. And nowadays the mobile phone comes with fingerprint and face unlock for increased your mobile security system.

5.  Ultra Power Saving:

Smartphones come with a new solution to helping you out when your battery power starts to run low. The smartphones serve up a standard selection of some applications to use in ultra power-saving mode.

6.  Store for Download/Update Apps:

Google play store is the official app store for Android Smartphones. Google makes software applications, music, movies, and books available for purchase and downloads through the Store.

7.  Drive to Cloud Storage:

In Google Drive, we can store our documents, photos, and other files online where they won’t be deleted.

On Google Drive, we can store and access files from different devices because the files are kept online or in ‘the cloud’. Google Drive also gives us the facility to share documents, photos or notes with anyone else we want. Using this facility required a Google Drive Account on the android system.

Google Drive helps in sharing a Drive document via email. When you’re composing an email in the Gmail Android app, tap the paper clip icon at the top right, then Insert from Drive. Documents are accessible from anywhere using an internet connection.

Google Drive allows storage space of 15 GB free in the first time, thereafter various paid options are available.

8.  Extend or Shorten Your Screen Timeout:

Android system allows us to fix our phone’s screen timeout so that users don’t need to unlock their phones every time, relocked because of short screen timeout. Screen timeout causes interrupted working on a phone, as fixed for a certain inactivity time of the phone. So we should fix it according to our use or requirement.

9.  Screen Recording:

Screen recording facility is useful for a lookup to any act in our device that is happening at a certain time. It is a tool that helps in learning activities done before by watching the recorded video.

10.  Android Device Manager:

Smartphone users always concerned if their phones lost. So there is an amazing Android Device Manager which helps in locating the lost device associated with the user’s Google account and make sure to keep the phone and all the data inside it will be safe. It can be used as the “Security Tool” for Android devices.

Some Facts About Android

  • The Android operating system was developed as a platform for digital cameras. But the makers later changed their focus to using this to make smartphones.
  • Google launched Android in November 2007.
  • The first publicly used phone to run Android was HTC Dream in October 2008.
  • Google’s Android logo derived from the Atari Game called “Gauntlet: The Third Encounter”.

  • Google launched its own tablet the Nexus 7 with Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) in June 2012.
  • The Android operating system has been released in a lot of versions, where every release has been following an alphabetical order in naming. The names are -Android ASTRO (1.0)Bender (1.1)Cupcake (1.5)Donut (1.6)Eclair (2.0)Froyo (2.2.x)Gingerbread (2.3.x)Honeycomb (3.0)Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.x)Jelly Bean (4.x)KitKat (4.4)Lollipop(5.0)Marshmallow(6.0)Nougat(7.0)
  • Android has more than a billion users.

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