10+ New WhatsApp Secret Features You Might Don’t Know About

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular Messenger App. It provides some specific features through which people can communicate with their family and friends easily. WhatsApp Messenger is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Nokia Phone. You can send and receive Text, Image, Audio, Video, and Location with your family and friends. WhatsApp comes with always new features that you don’t know. So, this article will help you to know about the amazing WhatsApp secret features.

10 New WhatsApp Secret Features You Might Don’t Know About

As WhatsApp is upgrading their version as well as some new WhatsApp secret features, That making up easy to communicate. So, You are unknown from those features. Maybe you will know some of these features, but I will also tell some features here that you are unaware of.

1. Reply Privately to anyone from the WhatsApp Group

When you want to reply to any special person privately with the same messages from the group. You can reply to them easily.

Select your message with long pressing on a message. After selecting your message, you have to click on the options icon from the above right corner. Now you will get the option for Reply privately.

2. Mark any message on WhatsApp as starred and find it later

This WhatsApp secret feature is really great WhatsApp has brought it to us. It is helpful to search for any important message that we have received some time ago.

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For making starred messages you have to select a message and make it starred clicking on the Star icon above the WhatsApp screen and you are able to find it later. For finding starred messages you have to click on the options icon from the WhatsApp home screen after that click on Starred messages. Now you will see all your starred messages.


3. Create shortcuts for frequently contacted friends

This is so helpful in creating shortcut chat-head on our phone’s home screen to frequent contact with any of our friends.

First, Go to contacts and Open anyone contact from the contact list that you want to create a shortcut on your screen. You will see an Options icon above in the right corner, click on that icon, a list will appear then choose More option, now click on the Add Shortcut option. Now you will see the WhatsApp contact on your display like all your apps.


4. Send a message to all your friends at once without creating a group

WhatsApp gives us a feature of Broadcasting which helps us to send a message to several contacts at once. Only you have to do is create a New Broadcast and add friends to it.

First, Go to on options icon from the above right corner and choose New broadcast option, select your contact whom you want to send messages at once, After adding contact name click on the OK icon from the bottom right corner. Now you will see a Broadcast list like WhatsApp Group and able to send any message to all your friends and family at once.


5. Use WhatsApp quote features to quote/reply to any message

Using this WhatsApp secret feature you can reply to any individual message.

For this, you have to Long press on any message and you can see a Reply icon on the upper left side of the WhatsApp screen, just click the icon and you have an automatically generated message box in which you can add your reply text and just send it to that person.


6. Reply message directly from a Popup

This feature helps you to reply to a message without a scroll notification bar and without unlocking the screen.

Go to setting there will appear multiple options, click on the notifications, after clicking notification next screen will appear, click on the Popup notification, and choose the option which you want. you can change this setting for both individual message and group message respectively.


7. Send Bold, Italics or Strike format text in WhatsApp

This feature is old but if you do not know about this feature, you can use it. WhatsApp enables a feature of editing the text in a specific manner like BOLD, ITALIC, and STRIKE. Any word which you think to highlight you can write text it in any manner as below.

For BOLD  any Text: -Begin to type before any word with a star symbol and also end with star symbol like as,  *BOLD*.

For ITALIC any Text:- Begin to type before any word with underscore symbol and also end with underscore symbol like as, _ITALIC_.

For STRIKE any Text:- Begin to type before any word with a tiled symbol and also end with a tiled symbol like as, ~STRIKE~.


8. Choose custom notifications

The custom notification feature is very useful in recognition of any message if enabled. You can set a specific ringtone for any individual contact. Message tone and voice call ringtone can be set.

Click on the WhatsApp contact name from the contact list whose you think to customize custom notification. Now a chatting page will appear, Click on the above contact name, after clicking you will see a custom notification option, Click on that now Enable use custom notification and customize the given setting.



9. Stop someone from knowing you read his message or not

You can set your privacy to stop anyone from knowing your read receipts.

Just Go to Setting option and then choose Account and open the Privacy option. Here you see an option of Read receipts having a marking box. you have to check that box and now your privacy has changed and no one can able to know if you have read their messages.



You can also hide your last seen status after changing privacy settings.

10. Give Permission for adding in group

If you are worried about joining the group, again and again, you can change your WhatsApp Group setting. With this setting, you can give permission who can join you in the group.

For enabling this setting you have to go on Privacy settings (Click on the Options icon from the above right corner >> Settings >>Account >>Privacy). Here you will see the Group option click on this and give permission who can join you in the group.

11. Use WhatsApp status as a general image, videos

12. Dark mode

Nowadays people are spending more time on social media. So like all social media platforms, WhatsApp has now added the Dark Mode feature for eye safety purposes. You can enable this feature at night.

13. Group setting

If you are facing distraction with the WhatsApp group notification, you can mute the group. And change your group notification tone from the notification options (Setting >> Notifications).

14. Tag any contact

Sometimes it happens that when you discuss in a group, you reply to someone, but the next person does not know who the message is for. This time you can tag persons with your message. Wherever you type a message, you can tag any person with @ by writing their name.

15. Recover your deleted message on WhatsApp

Recovery is really an important feature by WhatsApp. If there any message got deleted accidentally, we can recover it and for this, we have to archive our all chats and us also backup our chats through the google drive account.

Go to setting there will appear multiple options, Click on chats, after clicking chats next screen will appear, Click on chat back up then you may see Back Up button, click on the backup button to start your chatting recovery.


16.  Backup WhatsApp chats, images, and videos on your Google Drive account

As we know that the backup process is how important for our chat history what we have shared. We can Backup our all data using google drive and we can access our images, videos, files, and messages anytime.

Go to setting there will appear multiple options, Click on chats, after clicking chats next screen will appear, then you may see Google Drive Setting in which an option Backup to Google Drive Click on Backup to Google Drive and choose the option which you want.


17. Pin any Group and Contact

Do you face problems for finding contact sometimes when you get so many messages to the different contact lists? Using this WhatsApp secret feature you can Pin your special contact. After pinning contact you will see your special contact always on top chat list.

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