3 Best Apps To Convert PDF To Word On Your Phone

Founders of PDF had one goal in mind, to create the digital document that will replace the paper document. In order to succeed that document should be secure, easy for sharing and should contain different graphical elements. The thing that makes PDF great is that it will look the same on every operating system and in any PDF reader. That goes for different devices also. PDF can be easily shared and it can be printed if needed.

But there is a certain downside when we talk about PDFs and that is the editing of that file type. PDF can be hardly edited unless you aren’t using some third-party service to do that. Imagine updating your job experience in PDF resume or reusing the old contract with new data. Without the help of some PDF solution, you are left to retype the document from the scratch. This is almost impossible when we talk about some large 50 pages documents.

In order to avoid the hustle that those tasks might bring, the solution to convert PDF to Word was brought up. Basically, you use some smart app that will convert PDF to an editable Word document, where you can make all the changes that you wish. This is a time and effort saver when you think what is the alternative.

3 Best Apps to Convert PDF to Word

In order to help you choose the best app, we have tested a couple of them to give you the first-hand information.

1. PDF to Word Converter – Cometdocs

PDF to Word Converter app enables you to convert PDF to Word with just a couple of taps. The user-friendly interface is what makes this app very eye pleasing and easy to use. There is no excess options or unnecessary features. This app is made for one only reason and that is to convert uneditable PDF to an editable document.

PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word is free to use the app. There are some in-app purchases that can enhance your user experience and give you more options when it comes to documenting management. The conversion is performed on servers, so it won’t affect the battery life or phone’s performance during the conversion. This app is also equipped with OCR technology which enables it to convert even scanned PDFs to Word.

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Here is the PDF to Word Converter features:

● Unlimited number of conversion for free
● No limits on file size that can be converted
● Great conversion quality
● Conversion of scanned PDFs
● Connect to Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Onedrive and Box from the app
● Convert tables and pictures from the PDF
● No ads or pop-ups

PDF to Word is available for both iOS and Android.

2. PDF to Word – Flying bee Software

On the other side, there is another PDF to Word app that is available for iOS users. It can convert PDF to Word in simple steps, as well. It is easy to use and with this app, conversions are performed on your iOS device, which might help if you don’t have the Internet connection. App has a built-in text editor that allows editing the converted files. This text editor is limited when compared with Word editor but can be useful when you don’t have the Word pre-installed.

PDF to Word Converter

This app is free to download and has several free conversions, afterward, you need to purchase more conversions. But it offers fast conversion for PDFs that have less than 50 pages. The app’s main limitation is the inability to convert scanned PDF, but other than that, it is a solid app that gets the things done very fast.

Here are the app’s features:

● Easy to use app
● Free to download and to use several times
● Convert files offline
● Import files from Mail, Safari, Good reader, PDF reader and Dropbox
● Documents can be compressed into .zip file
● Very fast conversion for less than 50 pages
● Without Ads

You can download the app from App Store.

3. PDF Converter – Tick Talk Soft

PDF Converter is an app that can convert PDF files to other file types. The free version of the app can convert PDF to Word, text and Open doc. To convert to Powerpoint and Excel you need to upgrade. PDF Converter has a fast conversion for the unlimited amount of documents and easy to share options.

PDF to Word Converter App

The interface may be filled with ads but for the free app that is a nuance that you have to deal with. Also, the scanned PDFs are converted to pictures, not as text that can be edited.

Here are the app’s features:

● Free to download
● Can convert to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint (premium)
● It has a built-in PDF reader
● Fast conversions
● Has an option to add Document scanner
● Can convert files other than PDF

PDF Converter is available in the Play Store.


Editing PDFs shouldn’t be a problem anymore when there is a number of solutions available. Whether you need to edit the file directly or convert PDF to Word, you can find the app that works for you. These apps will enable you to make quick changes to your resume or official documents with just a few taps. The best thing is that you can make these changes without being tied to your computer.