5 Quick Ways To Speed Up Slow Pc Windows 7, 8, or 10

Are you not happy with your Pc performance? Yes, I’m going to share with you 5 best tips for speed up slow Pc. Using these tips you can quickly improve your Pc performance as a new Computer. At the slow down situation, I know It takes to much time for giving the response and you get irritated. Do you want to know why is my Computer running slow? And how to speed up slow Pc? Read this article till the end, In this post, you will get all information about that.

5 Quick Ways To Speed Up Slow Pc Windows 7/8/10

There are many factors of slowing down your Windows Pc. The main reason for decreasing your system performance is storage. When you have much storage, your system gives better performance as a new system. If you have an old system may be more chances is you will see that your system running slow because of storage spaces and more factor.

I’m going to share with you more causes of slow pc performance that will really help you for speed up slow Pc. Let’s see the tips.

1. Disable startup programs

When you start your computer system, many programs start with the starting process. In this case, you can disable auto startup programs which programs you don’t need.

Go to the Task Manager (Right click on the taskbar and select Task manager option) and select startup tabs. After that, you will see all programs which start with your windows starting time. Now select the programs which program you don’t want to auto start and click on disable button.

Speed Up Slow Pc Laptop Disabled startup program

2. Uninstall unusual programs

You have many programs which are not usages to a longer time. Uninstall the unnecessary programs that will help you in the speed up slow pc performance.

Go to the Control Panel and select the Programs and Features option. Now right click on the unnecessary programs and select the uninstall option. And do the complete process.

3. Disk Clean Up

Because of low space also your computer runs slow. So that you can make some spaces using this free up disk space option. After free up disk space, your Pc performance will be increased.

Go to the My computer and right-click on the C drive. Select the Properties option. In the General tab, you will see an option for Disk clean Up, Click on this option.

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4. Defragment hard disk

Defragmenting the hard disk is not necessary for the modern computer system. Because it automatically defragments the hard disk in the background. If you have an old version of Computer system you can use this option.

For defragmenting and optimizing the drives open your File Explorer from the My Computer and right-click on any drives. Select the Properties option and now choose the Tool tab.

Here you will see analyze option select the C drive and press the Analyze option. If you see 0% fragmented here, you don’t need to optimize. And if you see more than 0% fragmented here you need optimization. Click on the Optimize option and wait until the process is completed. It can take some time according to your drive storage.

5. System performance

In all computer, you have set default performance option. If your computer is slow down, you can change this option for better performance.

Go to the Control Panel and click on System option. Here you will see an Advanced tab in the above corner, now click on this Advanced tab option. After that go to the performance Setting and choose the Adjust for best appearance option and apply it.

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In this post, I’m sharing with you some extra tips for speed up slow Pc. Using these tips you can also increase your performance of the system.

Remove temporary files

There are some temporary files on the computer which decreases your Pc performance. At this time you have to delete some temporary files.

For removing files, Press the Win+R button and search %temp% and delete all files and folder from this folder. Now again press the Win+R button and search temp and also delete all files and folder from this folder.

Once again press the Win+R button and search prefetch. After that, your computer wants permission to access this folder at this time click on continue button and delete all files and folder from here.

Reduce runtime service

Press the Win+R button from the keyboard and type msconfig and click ok. Now select the Service tab and check out the Hide all Microsoft services option from the bottom and click on ok.

Remove viruses

Sometimes viruses and malware also decrease the system performance. If you want to remove viruses and malware from the computer you will need to install best Antivirus Software and if you have already Antivirus software please update them regularly.

Update Windows

If you are using windows make sure you have all the updates installed. As well as If you are on the Internet and you getting slow down the computer to make sure you have updated all plugins of the browsers.

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I hope you will get all the information about speed up slow pc. Overall If you have not storage space on the Computer system, you get slow down performance. First, you need to make free storage and second, I give you many factors in the above that help you in the easy way to speed up Computer. Follow my best tips and sure! you will get the relief from the slow down Pc performance and enjoy without irritating your computer system.