6 Best New Gmail Features You Should Try

In the era of the Internet, Google provides various Web Applications. In which, Gmail is the most popular and useful Application for the communication. A Few days back, Google updated some new Gmail features and interface. Today’s everyone has a Gmail account and many users already take advantage of some Gmail features. But here I’m sharing with you 6 totally new Gmail features which all features will make your work easier than before as well as secure. So let’s take a look at notable changes and see how will affect you.

Best New Gmail Features You Should Try

Google always brings new features, some days ago Google launch new Gmail dashboard as well as provides new features. If you are going on old Gmail interface, it’s time to go on new Gmail interface. It is the very beautiful interface with new Gmail features.

Enable New Gmail Interface

Are you interested in looking new Gmail? Yes, First login to your Gmail account. After logged in you see a setting icon in the above right corner. Now click on this setting icon and you see a Try the new Gmail option. Now click on this option. After clicking you see a new look of Gmail.

New Gmail Features

1. Confidential Mode

Do you want to send email very secure? Yes, This is the one most interesting feature for you. Using this feature you can mail very securely.  For this go to Compose to send a new message. Now here you will see an icon of turn confidential mode on/off at the bottom of the message box, click on this icon.

Now, set expiry day for your message and also you can set here SMS passcode and click on Save. If you checked out the passcode option, then you will need to enter the mobile number (This mobile number should be mail receiver). If you are sending a message by clicking on the send button, you will get an option for entering the mobile number.

Mail receiver will get your message in Gmail inbox as well as passcode on entered mobile number. Entering this passcode receiver will able to see your message. This will be a very secure message.


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2. Hover Action

You can Archive, Delete, Mark as read, and Snooze any messages utilizing this hover action. You can easily make a move by doing hover on any messages without open that message.


Looking after hovering over any message

You get also a new feature, without open any message, you can open attached files from the inbox.

To do this you will need to go on “setting icon” in the upper right corner and click on “Display density”. Now choose a view “default” and click on Ok. If you are already selected default views doing enable try new Gmail, good there is no need to change this option.

New Gmail Features choose default design

Default Design

3. Snooze

You would now be able to snooze an email in your inbox, which pretty much influences it to vanish for an allocated time of your picking. After the time lapses, the email appears to go down as fresh out of the box new and prepared for you to take action.

Using hover on message and after opening message you can set a snooze on any date and time.



4. Notes

Using this notes you can access your notes anywhere and anytime without open Gmail. You get this option with Keep name in the right sidebar of the Gmail dashboard and you can also access this Google Keep by using the chrome extension.

If you want to keep any notes, URL, quote, any type of information for seeing later Google keep is the best option. Here you can create your to-do list and make the label, and more interesting features.


Keep Your Notes

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5. Tasks

This option you also get on the right sidebar for creating any task. This is similar to Notes but here you don’t get more features. This is simple and easy for creating the task with task name.

6. Events

On the right sidebar of the Gmail Interface, you get a calendar icon, clicking on this icon you can set your events at any time and any date. In this option, you can set your event starting and ending date time and you can also add Title, description and add guest by email.


These “new Gmail features” are very useful. By the way, It is very interesting features for that person who always logged-in Gmail. Share your opinion about these new features, What do you think?