Top 5 Offshore Web Hosting Platforms

As the name suggested, Offshore web hosting simply means that away from the place of origin or away from its Datacenter, as taking in the terms of technology.

It is a known fact that when we talk about offshore hosting then, It simply means “tax-saving business policy and dependencies reduction in-house operation”. That’s why to find out a way to this solution the technique of offshore web hosting is being used. Then the particular thing after being banned can be hosted or promoted in the other country.

Use These Offshore Web Hosting Platforms

There are many legal issues for hosting the site in the same country but they’re a vast number of legal websites hosting located. But the main issue with them is that which provider is to trust regarding our precious data. So, its answer may not be possible without using it.

That’s why after a keen observation over 50 websites I came across 5 most trustful websites which are as follows:

These are the most trusted and well-working sites for offshore web hosting.

1. Visual Web Technologies

Visual Web technologies hosting service is located in India having its offshore services in Amsterdam(Netherlands). Being on the first position they have a plan of the great plan of giving unlimited storage and bandwidth, so you don’t need to worry while working on any particular site for hosting, the exceeding of the site also doesn’t cause any effect on the quality and quantity of the servers.

This particular feature makes it a great site to share data-heavy multimedia content with a large audience.

It also has a 1-click installation which includes WordPress security suite and CSF firewall in it. Another interesting feature for is that for hosting you’ll receive an impressive set of security features. Plans come with Cloudflare CDN software and offshore traffic is managed through multiple global scrubbing centers, reducing to DDoS attacks. Its price starts from $10 per month for unlimited storage and bandwidth with the WordPress Support.

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Offshore Hosting Platforms Visual Web Technologies

Visual Web Technologies


  • It Includes a single click WordPress installation.
  • The second advantage is that it has the WordPress support Security Suite.
  • It also has great security features.
  • Live chat support is available 24×7.


  • Its starter plans do not include 1-1 support sessions.

2. IP Hoster 

IP Hoster is apparently a cheap offshore server hosting from Estonia. Their servers are located in France (Paris), Poland (Warsaw), Canada (Toronto) and Germany (Frankfurt).

For privacy concerns, IP Hostler is the best one because the Bitcoin payment option is the biggest cause of its trust and key selling point. It adds an extra security layer to protect its identity.

It also provides offshore VPS hosting and offshore dedicated hosting plans. You’ll receive full root control over the server and shared resources being overwhelmed.

The other advantage it has is that is allows mining of the digital currencies over the dedicated servers. It also provides an amazing $23/month for 500GB of the onboard storage. Its price is $0.95/month for 3GB storage.

Offshore Web Server Hosting Platforms IP Hoster

IP Hoster


  • Firstly its low-cost plans.
  • It gives unlimited bandwidth with all plans.
  • They accept bitcoin payments also.


  • SSL is not included in $10/yr
  • The wiki support page is not in English.

3. Flaunt7

Flaunt7 has its offshore servers located in the different parts which are France (Paris), Holland (Amsterdam), Germany (Munich), Singapore, Russia (Moscow) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).

It has a great hand if you focus on data security and hack-protection as well as privacy. Flaunt7 also has a firewall software that protects against DDoS attacks.

It also provides advanced software protection on the with high privacy VPS plan. Besides these activities, they also provide 24×7 monitoring by the technicians who checks the site for unwanted activity.

Flaunt7 also has a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) policy, which means, a great provider to use if you are worried about claims made on the content you wanted to host.

Offshore Hosting Server Platforms Flaunt7



  • It is also giving great privacy features.
  • It gives free domain services.
  • Also, DMCA ignored policy.


  • VPA and a dedicated offer could be made cheaper.
  • Short money-back period.

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4. WebCare360

Webcare360 has its services located in Saint Kitts and Nevis (British Virgin Islands) having servers in Bulgaria (Sofia), Ukraine (Kyiv), and Holland (Amsterdam).

WebCare360 does not offer dedicated hosting but has a range of VPS packages within it.

Offshore VPS packages are all unmetered in addition to that all VPS servers are encrypted so that the site can be secure and run fast. The other most important feature that it includes is the ease to select the geographical location of the server while testing. Its price starts from $11.4/month for hosting 10GB SSD storage.

Offshore Web Hosting Platforms Webcare360



  • Provides easy server location choice.
  • It also provides an anti-DDoS service.


  • No refund policy.

5. OffshoreDedi

OffShodeDedi provides its services from both Belize and Canada. Its operating servers are in Bulgaria (Sofia), Ukraine (Kiev), and Netherlands (Amsterdam).OffshoreDedi offers an affordable shared hosting, but its dedicated hosting is costly. It has a  starter plan costing at $101.22/month (€89) which includes 1TB of HDD storage.

The biggest advantage of having OffshoreDedi is that its tailored-made streaming plans which provide you with enough power to share high definition video content with a large audience.

While providing a wide range of streaming platforms the cost to the user also increases, they don’t come cheap rather the beginning cost is beginning at $226.30/month (€199) which provides you with 16GB RAM and a dedicated 1Gbps port.

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  • It gives dedicated streamed
  • It offers cheap shared hosting.
  • The DMCA ignored policy.


  • SSD storage is not standardized.

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These are all the best Offshore Web Hosting providers listed here. You can choose any according to your need. Offshore hosting is used to host or promote things that are illegal, forbidden, or banned in their origin countries by their government. If you want to do these types of things you can choose Offshore hosting providers.