How To Record WhatsApp Calls on Android Smartphones

WhatsApp is a most popular app in messenger App. Which provide many features to keep connected with each other? In this features, free WhatsApp calling is also available. You know, nowadays, WhatsApp calls are increasing day by day. Many people use WhatsApp calling because every people want reduces the voice calls bill because of increasing call rates day by day. Now you will think that How to Record WhatsApp Calls? Because if you want to keep proof, capture memories or some for other reason. Then here in this article, I’m going to guide for How to Record WhatsApp Calls step by step in an easy way. So that you can surely record WhatsApp calls and keep the record in your mobile Storage Device/SD Card.

How To Record WhatsApp Calls on Android Smartphones

These days the big question is WhatsApp Call Record. Well, If you have there is no way of any WhatsApp Call Record. Don’t worry I always with you. There are so many apps on Google play store for solves this problem. But I’m going to share apps and method which is one of the most and tested by me.

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Step:1 First of all download the “Real Call Recorder” app from the Google play store.

Step:2 Continue the installation.

Step:3 After that app installation, tap on the app.

Step:4 Now, in this app you will see a various icon and at this time all icon will disable in red color.

When WhatsApp Calls Recorder Enable Image-ETechHunt

Step:5 After that enable the WhatsApp icon you will see change the color in green. (Tap on the WhatsApp icon)

Enable WhatsApp Calls Recorder Image-ETechHunt

Step:6 Finally, now you can record any WhatsApp call with help of ‘Real Call Recorder’.


In this Real Call Recorder app, you will see there are 6 icons for the record their calls. And you can use this as well as like as WhatsApp Call record.

Calls Recorder Image-ETechHunt

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