How To Rename Multiple Files At Once In Windows

Do you want to rename multiple files at once? Yes, It is possible. Here I’ve shared a important information how to rename multiple files at once in windows. When you have hundreds of files with the name such as DSC150550.jpg, 1232655.jpg, and any other files then you want to rename many of the same types of file, at this time you can save the time using this method. Here I’m not using any third party software for this. I’m using only windows explorer for quickly rename multiple files at once. These all tricks of rename multiple files are going to mention with step by step guide.

In this article, we are going to provide you the methods which solve the issue of renaming multiple files. If you want to rename multiple files and don’t have any idea how to rename in one or two steps then in this guide you can do that.

How To Rename Multiple Files At Once In Windows

Here we are going to provide you methods for this with step by step guide. Even as I told you that we have 3rd party application for renaming those files but there is also an alternative way to renaming files and about that we are going to discuss in this guide. Even if you want to rename files in numeric order then you can do that. We will also try to mention the batch file to rename multiple files.

But here you get the limited option that your files will be renamed in only sequential order. So let’s see the steps for this.

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First of all open the folder inside which you want to rename files. And choose and select the files which you want to rename. If you want to select all files inside any folder, simply press ctrl+A button from your keyboard.

Now click right button on selected files from the mouse and select rename option. Done, type your files name and press enter key from the keyboard.

If you want to use a short key button for renaming the files then after selecting the files you can press the f2 button for rename all files. And write the file name which you want to keep the file name.

Now you see, your all files are ready with renamed. Enjoy for the saving time.

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In this all method, you can choose any method, all methods are very easy. Renaming files are not easy ways but these methods of rename multiple files at once are going to help you in many cases and they will also save your time to rename too many files at the same time. One thing you have to notice that the renaming files belong to same categories. Because after that you have to find the files separately by clicking each of them. Well, these all are the best methods which really works for every windows user. If you have any query please feel free to ask in comment box. We will happy to help you.