These Things You Can Do With Google Photos

Google Photos is developed by Google and available for all operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac). Today’s every person want to keep memorable with photos. For keeping memorable with photos and videos, It is the best option. Using Google photos you can keep your storage area free and backup your photos and video from Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop & access them anywhere at anytime. For photos backup, there are many options but it is my favorite.

These Things You Can Do With Google Photos

Google Photos have many hidden features which are unknown to you. So, here I’m sharing with you some things about Google Photos which helps you keep beautifully memorable.

Keep backup your all photos

It provides you this facility that you can keep backup unlimited your all photos & videos for free in high quality and access them anywhere. Your all photos will be private, secure, and safe.

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You can also choose the specific folder for backup your photos and video. If you don’t want to keep the backup of any folder then you can disable that folder for the backup.

Create album

You can create smarter albums for all your adventures. Create an album with a suitable name and you can add selected photos in this album.

And Google Photos is automatic create your album according to need, such as album for Picture of Nature, Things, Places, Documents, Trips photos, and more. Google Photos creates an automatic fun animation, movie, and more of your some Pictures which pictures captured at any moment and same place. As well as you can select a theme and create a movie from your favorite moments.

Make a photo book

You can create a photo book of life. In this feature, you get many types of book design and can decorate this book by selecting photos. Simple click on the overflow button from the upper left side corner. And select photo book option, after that choose books & album design and tap on the start a book option to choose your own photos.

Free up space

You can remove locally store copies of photos and video that are already backed up to Google Photos. Using this option you can free up storage space on the mobile phone. Never worry about running out of space on your phone again.

Find your photos faster

You can find your photos by searching. In this searching method, you get amazing option such as if you want to find a picture of River, just search in the search box of Google Photos “River”. You get the picture of River, which pictures clicked by you. You can search your photos with what you remember.

Photo sharing

In this option, you get a photo and video sharing option. you can share an album and your collection with all pictures via Email, Bluetooth, WhatsApp, and more.


You can view your photos and videos on TV with this Chromecast support.

Advanced editing

You can also edit your photos with this feature. Using this tool you can adjust your color, brightness, contrast, lighting, filter, and you can use more option.

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Google Photos is the best in the overall photo backup option. In this, you get many types of features which can help you keep your photos with decorating. If you have read all features of Google Photos, you can understand that how much beneficial for me. Google Photos features are very interesting which could never imagine. Once you use this and after that, no tension for any photos. you’ll always enjoy.