Top 5 Best Note Taking Apps For Android, iOS and Windows

Note taking apps (Notebook Apps) can be most useful in comparison to paper in today’s digital era for note-taking. Note taking apps can help you gather much information, jot down your thought, or simply keep your memos, documents, important files, and a note can be anything you want it to be. There are a lot of great choices for backup (Cloud Storage) of your daily memos and share a note via Email, SMS, and Social Communication.

Some device offers own notebook apps but we provide amazing notebook apps for instantly note-taking, whether you are a professional or student. Which is the best for you? Let me know you also. Here, my favorite and reliable Note Taking Apps!

Top 5 Best Note Taking Apps For Android, iOS, and Windows

The advantages of  Note-Taking Apps are, Your thoughts are always with you, accessible and sync anytime anywhere. No matter where you are. So let’s introduce with Note-Taking Apps.

#1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular cross-platform note-taking apps. You can keep anything in any format through Evernote. Your notes file can be text, videos, images, web clips, handwritten notes, and more. You can also create a to-do-list and in desktop, mode saves web pages to Evernote with “Evernote web clipper” browser extension. After saving web pages you can also share them. Evernote is a freemium app that means it’s available Free and Paid version both. If you’re using Basic Free version, You will upload 60 MB per month and sync across 2 devices. If you’re using Plus version, you will get more extra features.

Top 7 Best Note Taking Apps For Android, iOS and Windows - ETechHunt


What makes Evernote great?

  • Create reminders: Evernote allows you to add reminders you’ve created in Evernote to your daily calendar. 
  • Security: Evernote offer passcode lock for a mobile device.
  • Search: You can easily search for a specific word and edit notes.
  • Extension: With “Evernote web clipper”, You can save web pages in different types of clip (Article, Simplified article, Full page, Bookmark, Screenshot) Organizing with Tag and Remark. After taking a screenshot, you can edit and share the screenshot image.

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#2. OneNote

OneNote is a member of the Microsoft Office family. Which is the popular for Capturing and Organizing everything across your devices. If you use OneNote, you will feel like a paper notebook. And if you are using already Office feels right at Home of OneNote Ribbon-style toolbar. Helping of the toolbar you can draw anything with a pencil (handwritten), write in text, insert images, videos, audio, and more which you want. With OneNote, you can take your class notes (if you are a student). OneNote is free for basic features and you can purchase Office 365 including a full version of OneNote.

Top 7 Best Note Taking Apps For Android, iOS and Windows - ETechHunt

Microsoft OneNote

What makes One Note great?

  • Sync: Automatic sync and save your notes in just a moment.
  • Draw: Write and draw beautiful art using a variety of pen.
  • Share: You can share specific pages and also entire notebooks for collaboration with family, friends, and any other.

#3. Google keep

Google keep popular for creating lists and jot down ideas. It’s my favorite app, I always used Extension of Google Keep in Chrome web browser. With Extension in the web browser (Desktop mode) and App, In both, you can create a note using features (Create labels for using keep your notes in categories, background color change, set a reminder with time and set the reminder on a particular place, collaborate, and more) of Google Keep. You can pin any notes which are awesome feature these all Note taking apps. Google Keep is available absolutely free.

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Top 7 Best Note Taking Apps For Android, iOS and Windows - ETechHunt

Google Keep

What makes Google keep great?

  • Extension: If you use a Web browser extension, you can save any URL link on a single click.
  • Reminder: An awesome feature of Google keep you can set a reminder on any place in any notes.
  • Pin: Keep important notes or remember any notes want to carefully, you can pin note so that pinned note can see always in eye contact and always keep remembering.
  • Draw: While writing a note draw any art in notes helping to different types of pencil.
Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Google Keep - Notes and Lists

#4. Simple note

I also like Simple note’s history feature, which makes it easy to restore any accidentally deleted note. It works as its name. Simple note can’t add images, videos, and any other attached file. Only you can quickly write down publish your thoughts, post any notes or instructions. You can search for any notes instantly. Simple note completely free Backups, sharing, and more features.

Top 7 Best Note Taking Apps For Android, iOS and Windows - ETechHunt


What makes Simple note great?

  • History: If your any note delete accidentally and another reason, you can restore deleted notes.
  • Look: Looking Simple note very neat and clean.
  • Share: You can share notes with other person and collaborate. 
Automattic, Inc

#5. Color note

Color Note is a simple very easy notepad and notes app. It can be used for taking and editing simple notes- memos, messages, etc., as well as for creating and keeping track of to-do lists. In created to-do-list, you can check off the items on a list once you complete them. It helps you reminded of a note on the assigned date. You can share any note to friends, family, and any other person via social media.

Top 7 Best Note Taking Apps For Android, iOS and Windows - ETechHunt


What makes Color note great?

  • Sync and reminder: Automatic sync with calendar and set a custom reminder.
  • Background: You can change the background color of any special note.
  • Backup: It provides not only online backup (Cloud storage) as well as provides backup in devices.
ColorNote Notepad Notes
ColorNote Notepad Notes

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Note taking apps are trending today in a digital era. I hope with Note taking apps you can make life easier. You can check one by one note-taking app and choose according to your needs. All Apps are great in themselves. Get started today! If you are using another app from the listed let me know which note-taking apps are you using and what’s the unique feature in that app?